LARU. French kiss me

LARU is a premium jewellery brand. Our job was to give it very unique background, new identity, useful tools and to plan its marketing strategy for next several months.

Total rebranding and implementing a completely new collection on the market is pretty challenging. Fortunately, the customer was ready for a huge change of the company image as well as for a new approach to designing and presenting collections.

LARU woman

When developing the brand strategy we built up an image of the LARU woman. She is absolutely gorgeous - joyful, seductive, glowing with subtle sex-appeal. It’s that kind of woman that you fall in love at a first sight. All our actions were made having a picture of that woman in mind.

Unboxing. Packaging matters

Besides the obvious basics like logo, brand guidelines and stationery set, we have spend lots of time over an unboxing process. We believe that it is the very most important moment of the selling process and we wanted to make it as much fun and intense as possible. The overall impression we wished to make was for the customer to feel pampered and have a similar feeling to opening a Christmas present.

Catch the brand character

A photo shoot for jewellery needs to be pretty specific. The photographer must capture a small thing beautifully. In this case the small thing was a ring. Together with the client we came to the conclusion that we needed to highlight the character of the brand. Each time before a photo shoot of the new collections occurred, we presented new moodboards and suggestions for the models to get the best shots. We debated a lot before choosing the best images.

New beginning

The first collection after rebranding could be called a unique event. Three rings with very big gemstones and a unique cut were included in the collection, and we made sure that the models were matching the specific stone and stylization. Three separated mini-sessions then took place and thanks to the attention to detail and shot, the potential of every stone was accentuated.


Another collection was to be premièred in the summer. A Winter aura, for example a subtle snowflake, was the inspiration for models. We decided that despite the winter character of the collection, the session should be warm and take place inside.

True love

From the first ideas for 'LARU', a concept of a French café atmosphere came to our mind for the duration of the project. The Valentine's Day collection seemed to be perfect for this vision. In a French restaurant 'La Folie', we were able to create three different situations - three different Valentine's Day dates.

What website for the lover's brand?

The second most importatnt and most time-eating part was to build an on-line shop, that would be both, functional and enjoyable. During shopping there are many details the customer assimilates before their final decision to purchase. We know that it is important, a customer shouldn't be disoriented, uninformed nor frustrated when starting the checkout stage.​​​​​​​