This has been one of my favourite projects to work on to date!
I was contracted to art direct, photograph and design the upcoming worship and lifestyle EP album from Hannah Henderson - the worship pastor at Gateway Church Aotearoa.

The brief was relaxed and I worked closely with Hannah (who is also a great friend of mine) to ensure that all the details were beautifully created. 

The 2 main parts to the project was the graphic design of the final EP artwork. Shown here as the first images (cover, cover spread and internal page booklet spreads). The theme of the design was to show the idea of "Colouring Our Memories". Shown as the packaging of the CD is in black and white (much like an old photo album) and once opened, the booklet (containing the lyrics) was in full autumn vibrant colour - showing that the lyrics to our lives must be lived and loved while they are vibrant/current.

 I have also displayed various photographs from the photoshoot for the album - where we took an old piano to a field and wrote all over it then destroyed it!