Olivia Duval, A fellow student at Portfolio Center was re-branding Target's Circo line of infant products. She approached me to develop some characters that would be used as hangers for onesies, and then extend that look and feel to the rest of her packaging which would include washcloths and bobby socks. 

Below you'll see what we came up with. 
Here are the onesie hangers, intended to function both as hangers and for re-use as decorative elements in the baby's room after purchase. 
Here is the packaging for the washcloths and bobby socks. I extended the use of the same color palette and textures across all collateral for this rebrand, digitally painting the backgrounds and details like the stitching on the bobby socks and tent opening on the washcloths.
Tent top, for the washcloth packaging.
Side wall for washcloth packaging.
Side wall for the bobby socks packaging.
This is where it all started. I was provided with a color palette, guide for the shape of the hangers and some inspiration for the type of characters that Olivia wanted for the rebrand. After getting feedback from these, I went through a couple more rounds of edits before arriving at the final set you see just below.
We were both really happy with this direction. These little guys were such a blast to create.
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