Visualizing Concepts in Houdini- Personal Practice
These are some of my experiments I did while learning SideFx Houdini, all learnt through watching tutorials on the internet.

I always wanted to make a concept art like this but was not satisfied by any program and art I produced for this idea I had. In this I want to show the viewer how two minds communicate and shape each other. As we see two figures really close to each other, I imagine them communicating without words as one thread of emotion goes from one head to another, changing the color of the "being" (from green to blue and from red to blue) of both figures. As one's heart and mind is affected by the person they love. 
One of my close friends was moving to Canada for higher education, I imagined her taking a very important and crucial step of her life, leaving her family and friends behind. So I portrayed her stepping carefully to the next part of her life.
When I made this, I was studying psychology online. I wanted to show how reading books by using the power inhibited in our brain may help us study what is in our heart. The figurine is holding a book in his right hand and examining his heart in his left hand. Showing the concept I had in my mind. 
In this one I imagined a rose leaving her roots and saying goodbye to her family as she is going away to live her own life and follow her dreams. This was envisioned in respect to my sister as she is about to choose her career and what she want to do for a living in her life. 
As you can see most of these consist of curl noise functions projected on human figures because when I first applied it onto a DAZ 3D model I was amazed and started visualizing more and more concepts that I had in my mind. Hope you guys like it.
Since this project got featured, I wanted to take my time and tell my story behind ever image so some changes are done. Thank You.