PEKAO S.A. Assistance
A Wystarczyło zadzwonić ("You could have called")
In 20120 BRASIL designed and developed site for one of the biggest polish banks PEKAO S.A., to promote their new, free assistance package available for PEKAO S.A. account holders. "A wystarczylo zadzwonic" means "You could have called" and describes the idea behind the assistance service.

Creating the site, we needed to address the fact that almost no one understands the idea of assistance services and therefore the site shows real benefits of an assistance package.
We achieved this goal by developing a story that shows what mishaps could happen if you didnt have (or didn't want to use) the assistance package, and at the same time gives you the chance to find out how this assistance service could provide quick and accurate help.

We have developed in full 3D and distributed the required 3D glasses to PEKAO S.A. account holders. There is of course also a 2D version for those who don't have the account with assistance package in PEKAO S.A.... yet :)

Creative Director: Dominik Tomasik (BRASIL)
Copywriters: Maciej Wrześniowski / Jan Kleyff  (BRASIL)
Graphic Design: Dominik Tomasik (BRASIL)
Lead Flashdeveloper: Łukasz Zmywaczyk (BRASIL)
Flashdeveloper: Piotr Łupiński (FLAMSTER2)
3D Modeling: Gustaw Stachaszewski (PXL)
3D Textures: Dominik Tomasik (BRASIL)
Photography: Paweł Mazurkiewicz (STUPID COLORS)
Accounts: Michał Wronecki / Joanna Woźniak (BRASIL)

Check it out here:

Choose from 2 view modes - 3D and 2D
You are on a tree, and there is a lion below.
Find out how it happpened.
Imagine that half an hour before final match, your TV  breaks down.
What would you do?
Call for help ....    or    Handle things by yourself ?
You are calling to PEKAO S.A. Assistance.
Your problem is solved!

But you could have followed the other way...
You''ve decided to go to your friend and see the match there. You hear live broadcast on the radio.
"...Kowalski, pass through... GOAAAL!"
You jump out of the car dancing from joy. But carelessly you shut the key inside the car
You smash car's window, and take the key... but the cops bust you red-handed.
You run away through a hole in a fence.
You are hiding in the container, and policemen pass by not noticing that you're inside.
A truck takes the container with you inside it.
After going thrugh the city you find out you're on the air-strip.
The container is dropped on a chute over a savannah.
The container hits the ground. You are a little bruised.
You get out of the container just to find lion roaring right in front of you.
So... you are on a tree, and there is a lion below.
And you could have called.
Below you can see some 3D examples.
3D anaglyph glasses are needed.
PEKAO Assistance