A Comparative Analysis Between New Age Smart TVs

The design was based on how Smart TVs are positioned as high class and elite. The design had to be very clean and chic, so I've used a lot of white space to give it that feel. And the green color used also gives it a fresh look.
Collaborative Design Thinking - The What And Why?

The idea was to break the topic down to the basics and pick elements from that to support the topic. Hence, the pencil and doodles. Whenever we start off with any project, we usually use these tools to brainstorm and mind-map.
How to Deliver a High-quality and Intuitive App?

The design for this info-graphic is inspired by how smartphones and smartphone applications are showcased. I wanted to use bright colors to make it look fresh and dynamic.
5 Most Advanced Business Benefits of DevOps

The design is based on business aspect of DevOps keeping in mind that it's for a technical blog.