Thirty Logos Challenge (#1-10)
1. Space
coworking offices for freelancers, start-ups, and remote employees
personal • modern • fun
2. The Grind
small Seattle coffee shop chain
natural • local • earth tones • clean
3. Twitchy Rabbit
email marketing platform with an iconic mascot, Twitchy the Rabbit, that needs to be refreshed and simplified
simple • iconic • legible at small sizes
4. Ping
chat platform for businesses & small teams
text-based • stands out from blue colors of competitors
5. Wildlife
non-profit organization that preserves the life and habitat of wild animals around the world
passionate • personal • iconic
6. 1-800-Rosebud
online flower shop which sells bouquets of flowers and gifts
flowery • warm colors • legible at small sizes
7. Austin Run
annual running event in Austin, Texas, that raises money for autism research, care, and education
fun • charitable • representative of Austin, Texas, or running 
8. Sparked
news website covering all the latest in video games, esports, and tech
hot • bold • works on dark background
9. Paint
mobile app that identifies colors in a photo and matches them across different formats such as Pantone and Sherwin Williams
visually appealing • colorful
10. Anchor
clothing line for nautical lovers that features products made of recycled sail material
iconic anchor shape • modern • fun • unexpected color palette
Thirty Logos Challenge (#1-10)

Thirty Logos Challenge (#1-10)

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