Signal In Nikola-Lenivets
Signal - four days international electronic music festival in unique natural-historical territory of two hundred kilometers from Moscow.
Location: Nikola-Lenivets is a part of the territory belongs to Ugra National Park, which is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. It is the only place in Russia that presents landscape installations and land-art objects created by leading Russian and international artists. Like an oasis in great desert the place attract for an artists, musicians and other open mind people. 

Music: Signal invited a lot of musicians of contemporary dance music from all over the world: Zoviet France, dOP, Ron Morelli, Veronica Vasicka, Ryan Elliot, Julia Govor, Nikita Zabelin etc.
Intercation: Here were dozens of installations with lights, soundscapes and video projections designed specifically for this event. Big "S" spiral worked as seamark with loud echoes and remarkable shining and called people to come on one of four scenes. 

Whole weekend music did not stop playing throughout the festival.
Everyone had the opportunity to immerse themselves in this incredible atmosphere, be part of massive happenning. 2500 people created kind a living organism that made this event unforgettable.
Signal In Nikola-Lenivets