Here is a great TDS Pixel Art Game assets. This is a collection of high-quality pixel graphics for creating games on military topics.
List of elements (GUI):
• Login page; 
• Window of improvements; 
• Pause window; 
• Victory window (number of stars, collected coins); 
• Window of defeat; 
• Level select window; 
• Settings window: sounds, music (on and off); 
• Inventory window; 
• Minimap; 
• Loading; 
• Mini window of character.

The set includes (TDS Modern: Soldiers And Vehicles Sprites):
• 2 soldiers, animation: walk, death, attack; 
• Tanks and armoured troop carriers, animation: riding, shooting, destroyed version; 
• Jeep (new and destroyed version); 
• Shadows (in general PSD file); 
• Animation of shooting and smoke.

The kit includes (TDS Modern: Soldiers And Vehicles Sprites 2):
• Gunner; 
• Sniper; 
• Tank; 
• Helicopter; 
• Airplane; 
• Shot Effects.

The collection includes (TDS Modern: Hero, Weapons and Props):
• The main character in the role of a soldier with weapons: pistol, machine gun, grenade launcher, flamethrower; 
• Animation of shooting and explosions; 
• Things to collect: armor, acceleration, first-aid kit, cartridges, money.
The collection includes (TDS Modern: Tilesets and Environment):
• These are different tilesets of earth, sand, grass, water, asphalt, stones, trees and bushes. There are also structures such as barracks, a watchtower, a bridge and a fortification. • Small items: several kinds of boxes, barrels and stumps.

• PNG; 
• PSD. 
Bonus! Icons for App Store and Google play (512×512, 1024×1024, 2048×2048).