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    An exploration of the culture of twins through personal experiences.
a conversation with twins
Identity deals with the relationship between genetics, the psychological, the physical and the spiritual.

Twofold approaches the culture of twins and how twins are perceived in society. It serves to communicate the dualities and complexities of being a twin, layering the outside views that are projected on twins with my own personal experiences of having a twin. Despite my convictions of differences between my sister and I, one cannot deny the genetic connection between the two of us, and it is precisely this that spurs wonderment in the world of singletons. The concept is manifested in the form of a double accordion-style book. The two accordions are separate but bound by one cover, mimicking identical twins in the womb. The orientation of the two books are facing each other so that the content is reflected, mirroring each other to make a reference to the concept of “mirror twins.”

Lettering, illustrations, binding, cutting, and decals done by me.
Inkjet on 60 Ib. Polar Matte Double Sided paper, Laser paper, Laser Cutter, Binders Board, Book cloth, Porcelain China Tea Set, Gold Luster, China Paints, Laser Decals
6.5″ x 6.5″ opens to 9.17 ft x 6.5 in., box 7.3″ x 7.6″ x 2,” tea set sizes vary
Twofold hosts events such as tea parties, inviting curious guests to attend and engage in conversations with twins on preconceived notions of twin relationships and genetics. It also entertains the fact that a tea party cannot exist without at least two individuals therefore extending the theme of duality.