Workplace Photo

For this project I forced a connection between 12 different words that would essentially make up 6 different logos.  The only rules for making the logos was that I had to use a combination of positive and negative space and not have any written words.

When I think of logos I think of a very clean minimal image. Logo design is one of the few things that by having too much in it can make it seem unprofessional. I wanted to make all of my logos very minimal with few sharp angles. I also was able to use color, but chose to keep them all black and white.

I started off by making 12 different mindmaps, one for each chosen word. These mindmaps helped brainstorm the different ways I could express each word. The words came from 2 separate lists that was basically adjectives and nouns. After the mindmaps, I started working on my preliminary sketches. These sketches consisted of varying ideas that came from the mindmaps. When all the sketches were done, I then opened Adobe Illustrator with a massive artboard. Having one large artboard allowed me to basically have the room to put all of my ideas in one workable file.

One of the biggest things I learned during this project is that when outside input isn’t gathered to evaluate a logo, certain images could be interpreted negatively. These logo mishaps could ultimately ruin a company forever.