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7 K A

Behind the philosophy of 7 K A Russian fashion brand is changing the identity of knitwear tied to creative vision and technical innovations. Founder of 7 K A Ekaterina Kombarova see inspiration in traveling, different cultures and pieces of art. Luxurious long cardigans with unique prints and patterns inspired by paintings of famous artists become an iconic pieces of 7 K A collection. 7KA knitwear is created using beautifully crafted cashmere, Australian merino wool, alpaka and cotton, along with tight binding, lack of knitted sutures, and a variety of prints and textures.

7KA is a premium brand that participates in fashion shows all over the world. In order to connect it`s look with the brand itself we created a modern, laconic identity, while preserving a piece of Russian culture. We developed a logo that can be stretched like knitting and a sign that combines the pattern of weaving and the grapheme of the Slavic symbol of a bird. The geometric shape makes it easy to weave a mark into the cardigan pattern. Black and white identity suits both a laconic and a very bright palette of clothes.

Design and art direction:  Lana Lomakina 
Printing: Alan Bur, Irina Pishnenko
Photography: Anatoly Vasiliev
Web development: Victor Shkidina

Material & Printing
Paper: Keaykolour Original jet black 300 g; Keaykolour Original pure white 300g, 250g
Technologies used: Screen printing, Laser cut, Blind embossing, Duplex

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7 K A

7 K A