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    Designed user flows and communicated them effectively through wireframes, mockups and prototypes. Managed and interpreted product management re… Read More
    Designed user flows and communicated them effectively through wireframes, mockups and prototypes. Managed and interpreted product management requirements in light of platform capabilities and constraints. Read Less

BacheCubano is a free classified website where you can buy and sell products/services inside Cuba.
Is a huge place where thousands of people all over the country are looking for careers, meeting new people, buying products, self-promoting, or just expanding their business. All of your minds can imagine you can find it there, inside this platform.  

You role and contribution to the team? 
Close collaboration between front end development, content strategy and visual design was incredibly important for a project. Conducted user research, Persona Creation, User Journey, Information Architecture, User App Flow and Wireframes.
Cuba is a country where the lack of internet connection still persists, and access to international buying and selling platforms is difficult to access, this Startup arises, with the main objective to help big a new business to promote products for commercialization.

The biggest challenge was to create a platform where the access of the content was fast and easy, where users could access through the network of the island. While meeting with the founders I was taking some notes about the current situation of some classified platforms in the country and their problems since there was no budget for comprehensive user research, I planned a quick guerrilla study.

Although there was no possibility of creating an in-depth study of the users, through the interviews with the skateholder I could determine 2 possible personas. From these people, it was possible to know that both were interested in the digital e-commerce and the benefits it can bring.


It represents the structure of the contents of the platform. It is a way of improving the architecture of information that is logical and evident as possible.

For that, a technique called CARD SORT - CLOSED CARD was used, which provides to all the participants a set of cards that contain names of the different subsections of the platform to categorize it in sections that had previously been defined.


It is the representation of an action that the user takes on your product, User Flows focuses on how the user progresses on the platform to fulfill a specific task.

I worked closely with the client and then I created a user flow for the key tasks within the platform: Access, Search and Post new Classified. By going through the flow of the key tasks it helped us think through the core activities.


Wireframes are generally created after your initial persona and sitemap are completed. I started to create a wireframe because I had a strong grasp of the user’s goals, motivations, and tasks they will want to achieve.

After I was able to understand the structure of the website through the sitemap knowing what the purpose of each page should be in terms of getting the user to their goal I started working with the wireframes.  

*After a few rounds iterations—a total of 37 wireframes were designed