DAD Moai
Confrontation with this ancient talking head will remind you your roots and deepest values of a human being. People may approach the lever and pull it to receive guidance from the moai. One of three states of moai might come to life, each talking about different aspects of life and universe.
D.A.D moai is an interactive installation, a successor project of an earlier team effort - The Totem.

Knowledge and skills gained working together previously were used to create a compelling exhibition using the same core techniques. It's achieved by projection mapping animated visuals on 2 meter high sculpture. Speech and sound are also played in sync with animation. The events of the installation are driven by a lever which audience members can interact with.

A total of 15 proverbs were recorded and prepared, 5 for each state of the moai.

Domantas Jurevičius - sculpture design and production.
Aurelijus Čiupas - technical setup, projection design and animation production.
Dominykas Kaukėnas - audio design and production, the voice of the moai.

The installation was exhibited during Culture night event in Vilnius Tech Park, in 2017.
Later that summer it was exhibited in Yaga gathering but without interaction.