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    IRON MAN II Hologram Concept
I  N  I  T  I  A  L    D  E  V  E  L  O  P  M  E  N  T
Tony Starks Iron Man suits had to be developed into believable holograms. I was chosen to start the R&D process exploring how and what a real light emission hologram would look in the near future. I developed this process with a few things in mind. Creating CGI holograms that can assist in carving the way the future looks at technology and perhaps help communicate to others who are creating this in our real world. I was set to explore and this is what I came up with.

Creating the world around Jarvis took place inside the laboratory Tony Stark used to display his holograms as proxy suits for diagnostic, circulatory tests to benchmark his trials of the discovery for the chemical compound that assisted in the portrayal of its visual AI Jarvis.

In the process, I came up with an idea to create realistic animations demonstrating light fields objects in space. It was the benchmark that set the stage at Marvel with Jon Favreau to integrate these initial ideas in 3d space in the pipeline. 

I was chosen as CG supervisor to oversee the visual effects for the films hologram sequences totaling over 200 shots+ which evolved into a unique and specialty treatment into shots with super talented wizards co-creating ranging from the 2d artist, 3d artist, and talented thinkers.
Design Company: Prologue Films
Creative Director: Danny Yount
3D Art Direction & Development: Jose Ortiz
Producer: Ian Dawson, Elizabeth Newman

To view the process and final work view here