Hello, World! is a project initiated by Farshad Aref-far from Iran. He has gathered designers and illustrators from all around the world to design a peace message for everyone all over the world by using the word "Hello".

Hello is a greeting, almost everyone knows the word 'Hello". It's the first word you use to answer the phone, making a new friend or just when you spotted a friend. "Hello" creates connections. 

Hence the idea is simple, it is to get the different designers and illustrators from different countries to design "Hello" in their own native language. 
Here's my take on "Hello",

Singapore is a multiracial country with a mix of 4 major races — Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian. Despite our differences in language, culture, and appearances, the multiracial and multi-religious harmony we enjoy is the bedrock of Singapore’s progress and success.

I am lucky and happy to be in an environment that allows me to mix with friends of all races and share the joy of celebrating festivals together. Although we are a small sunny island, we are a country of peace. We do not settle our differences with guns but with a magnitude of respect and learning from one other, enjoying our great weather together.
You can find the project here and here :)