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CASE STUDY: Omni Cubed Pro Overview Video Series
Pro Overvie
Video Series

Omni Cubed, Inc. is a manufacturer of stone handling equipment. They asked me to produce a video series to advertise each of their products. I have experience in various building trades, however, I had no prior experience with the stone industry. I researched each product, it's usage and best practices, then wrote scripts, built sets, shot, directed and edited each video. I provided the voice-overs and even acted in most. In total, I created 22 videos for Omni Cubed.
The Problem

Sales were steady, but flat. 
The tools were good, but not clearly understood by the distributors' sales teams nor potential buyers and end users. 
Project Brief

The CEO requested "Sham-Wow-style" exuberant product advertisements. 
I believe providing solid content is the best marketing, so I steered these towards useful, approachable, resources, and tutorials that also functioned as advertisements—by including points of distinction and tech specs (presented with exuberance).

Ultimately, the client loved the results, received positive feedback from their distributors and customers, and enjoyed increased sales. 
My Approach

I came to the stone industry as a fabrication rookie, I tried to understand the tools, the laborers who used them, and those who preferred not to. I strove to learn the field processes—better than the engineers who designed tools behind their desks. 

And, I tried to the strike the balance between "Sham-Wow-style" and comfortable watch-ability by directing each video with different levels of exuberance based on the content being presented. 

I made both product ads and product tutorials. Tutorial content I produced on the more subdued side of the intensity spectrum. 
Tutorial: 90° Stealth Seamer

Each video had different technical considerations. The 90° Stealth Seamer tutorial (below) I shot myself, with only one camera, and edited it to simulate a multi-camera shoot.
Measurable Results (an example)

Omni Cubed's initial product launch of the 90° Stealth Seamer (above) was six months before the making of this tutorial. The 90° Stealth Seamer, at that time, was received poorly by distributors and customers who said the $1,500 price tag was too high, and the tool too complicated for their crews to use. Sales teams were despondent regarding sales—which were far below Omni Cubed's projections. 

I created the 90° Stealth Seamer tutorial to specifically highlight ease of use and present the value as clearly outweighing the expense. 

After watching the tutorial, sales teams expressed greater confidence and understanding of the product and said they would use the video as a sales aid with their customers.

Before this video, total sales during the prior six month period was only 43 units, however, in the first month after the release of this video, Omni Cubed sold 125 units, and sales have continued on target. 
Custom Motion Graphics

I created many animated graphics for illustrative purposes, openings and closings. This is one of the closing graphics.
Pro Overview: Pro-Anchor Machines

Some videos were shot entirely in a studio environment and on sets I created to simulate the products being used in the field, like the Pro-Anchor Machines video (below). 
Pro Overview: Pro-Lift Automatic

Other videos incorporated shots coordinated on location with actual stone fabricators, like the Pro-Lift Automatic video (below). 

Social Media

The videos are featured on the Omni Cubed's website; streamed to their site from Vimeo. I also created an Omni Cubed Pro Overview YouTube channel. For the channel I created unique identifying title graphics for each video. 

View the channel
The Pro-Dolly HD2 video (below) includes digitally restored Flintstones animation. The original animation is from a 1960 Winston Cigarette ad by Hanna-Barbera Productions. 

This ad, with Fred and Barney sneaking a smoke in the backyard, is the only piece of Flintstones animation in the Public Domain. Since the original ad was grainy and not formatted for HD, I deconstruct the shot, and rebuild the animation frame by frame in HD.

Original Frame v. Rebuilt Elements
Pro Overview: Pro-Dolly HD2
(with Flintstones)
Tutorial Video: Pro-Lift Automatic

I tried to keep each video visually unique and present information progressively, rather than repetitively. In the Pro-Lift Automatic tutorial (below) I clarified safe standing positions with an aerial shot and "live" play-by-play screen directions.
Each video is 1.5–14 minutes long and covers the benefits, features and usage of each product. Created as advertisements, and also functioning as a useful resources for end user and a training tool for Omni Cubed's distributors.
Pro Overview: Pro-Cart AT2
Pro Overview: Mega-Jaws
Pro Overview: Sink Hole Saver Manual
Pro Overview: Aqua-Jaws
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Project Credits

Omni Cubed, Inc.

Amy Livingston:
Omni Cubed Chief Marketing Officer

Jessica Sherwood:
Omni Cubed Marketing Director, Script Editor, Project Coordinator

David Ernst:
Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, Videographer, Motion Graphics Artist, Set Designer & Builder, Lighting Designer & Gaffer, Audio Engineer, Location Scout, Costume Designer, Primary Actor, Voice Overs, Product Research, Product Handler, Fabricator Liaison

Mauryn Salvador:
Production Artist

Merv Campbell:
Grip, Actor, Production Assistant

Nick Wehe:
Grip, Extra, Production Assistant

Special thanks to all the stone fabricators who let me work with them elbow to elbow.
Videos are property of Omni Cubed, Inc—shown by permission, for portfolio purposes only.
CASE STUDY: Omni Cubed Pro Overview Video Series

CASE STUDY: Omni Cubed Pro Overview Video Series