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    FFWD Energy Bar Brand Activation and Revolution.
We were asked to Re-design and create a new campaign for the FFWD Energy Bar. The project was given to us by "Paton and Tupper" for Tiger Brands. The product is an energy bar that has a bright blue centre covered in a milk chocolate. The energy bar contains a "GGV-cocktail" which comprises of Ginseng, Guarana and Vitamins. The unique selling point of this energy bar is it is not only just a delicious snack but it provides an energy boost to get you through the day. We were asked to do a Strategic analysis of the FFWD brand, redesign the entire look of the chocolate, come up with new and innovative methods for brand activations.
The Above image shows the Rebranding of the new FFWD Energy Bar. The wrapper, vending machine, counter display, competition posters and the goal of making FFWD that cool that the youth would want to update their profile picture to be that of the FFWD.
The New Wrapper. The idea is that this chocolate wrapper is positioned in stores alongside UV lighting. By having the wrapper placed next to UV lighting, the FFWD typography will glow, much like the tongue's of the people who will be eating this Energy Bar. The Blue centre makes ones tongue glow bright blue after eating it.
The Above is the new FFWD Energy Bar Vending Machine. I felt that by allocating the FFWD bar its own space in stores it creates purpose and is a fun and interactive way to get the customers involved with the brand. 
The above image is the FFWD Photobooth. These days the world of technology allows for images to be taken and shared all across the internet. The Promotional Competition involves the FFWD Photobooth. This photobooth involves props as well as has UV lighting where the public can take photo's of themselves which then get uploaded onto Facebook. The FFWD Energy Bar Facebook page will have competitions where the best pics win a prize or the title of the FFWD Face of the week/month. 
The Above posters utilises the publics new found curiosity for QR Codes. The Idea is that the public will see images like these that are created with lumo paint and a UV light. These poster are extremely eye catching and will get the public questioning what on earth is this for. By scanning the QR Code the viewer will be directed to the FFWD Facebook page/website where they will then be informed on the competitions they can take part in. Please note the photography used in these posters is not my own. But rather taken from the website: http://mikadoesmakeup.com/
The above poster is for the competition that is driving the FFWD Energy Bar brand activation. The idea is that the public video themselves doing anything with the use of glow in the dark items, lumo paints, UV lighting etc. These videos can be uploaded onto Facebook where the video with the most votes win the FFWD Energy Bar Advert. By getting the public involved in making a cool video that could become the new advert for FFWD, we are able to identify what the Target Market wants as well as get great ideas for future adverts.
The above is just a Poster which could be used as a promotional poster for the FFWD Energy Bar. This poster being a direct adaption of the famous rolling stones logo, but merely having a blue tongue, like that of the FFWD Energy Bar.