I wasset this project in my second year at University. It was designed to encourage our own style, through leaving the materials choice open.
I chose to use an African hardwood called wenge (Pronounced "When-Gay") and to contrast it against sandblasted aluminium.
I aimed this product at small businesses who don’t needthe expensive costs of an integrated networked system. The main unit consistsof the router and its plug. The connections for LAN and the ADSL are situatedon the plug, as shown below. There is also a USB port for connecting printersand hard drives. This then allows the people connected to the Wi-Fi to allprint and store their data from one location.

There is also a booster unit available for extending thereach of the router to the hard to reach areas of the business. It works usingexisting technology, by amplifying the signal from the router. It also has anextra LAN connection to link to a computer for a better connection.
If you have any questions on this project please email me on tomssudlow@gmail.com