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    3D chocolate for the norwegian choclate brand Minde Sjokolade. Illustrations used for packages designed by Tank Design
Minde sjokolade - Nøttekos & Påskefavoritter
What a treat! 3D modeled chocolate!

Minde Sjokolade has been making chocolate for a long time, since 1898. But contrary to their age, they still went for the modern way to illustrate their new packages. 3D chocolate has all the advantage; you can twist, turn, adjust and readjust, and best of all – no melting away on the photo shoot.

Thanks to Tank Design for the sweet project.

Client: Minde Sjokolade  |  Country: Norway  |  Agency: Tank Design  |  Art Direction: Helge Persen/Daniel Brox Nordmo/Vetle Berre  |  3D Illustrations: FireGrader  |  Post Production: FireGrader
Front and side illustrations for "Nøttekos" with assorted nuts (blue, above) and peanut (red, below) - in which the agency added the new profile.