1,5 years Creative Mornings

1.5 Years of our Creative Mornings
1 . 5   Y E A R S   C R E A T I V E   M O R N I N G S    |    P O S T E R   S E R I E S   

Bureau Mitte is celebrating 1.5 years of our Creative Mornings called "Kreativfrühstück". This are special events made for creative people in and around Frankfurt, Germany. Invited are creatives of all the different disciplines - as bigger the mixture as greater are chances to meet new friends and create some interesting collaborations.

We already run this Creative Mornings for 1.5 years now. For this special event we asked Frankfurt based graphic designer Timo Lenzen to design a poster series with us. As this is a really special date for us we added up the poster series with a motion design of the numbers.
We really love the outcome of this collaboration and looking forward to have a few more years of Creative Mornings.

Concept & Design
Bureau Mitte

Creative & Art Direction
Anna Ranches and Helene Uhl

Graphic Design
Timo Lenzen

Motion Design
Timo Lenzen