about the enemy

The Enemy brings you face-to-face with combatants from three conflict zones:  El Salvador, Democratic Republic of Congo and Israel/Palestine.
Their testimonies and confessions about their experience and perspectives on war will allow you to better understand their motivations... and their humanity. 
the making of

Karim Ben Khelifa’s 15-year career as a war photographer has been driven by an ever-more ambitious quest to address a crucial issue: "Are war photographs really useful if they fail to change people’s attitude towards war and the suffering and violence it causes?"

He went to find reclusive out-of-reach individuals that are active in armed groups,  equipped with the right material and the best team. They created a simple backdrop, a neutral light, and a surprisingly professional studio in difficult locations. They had to master the technology of 3-D scanning — and also explain it to the combatants themselves — so that they would allow being scanned/filmed for the interview.

The Enemy breaks with the media’s usual war imagery.
The Augmented-Reality App

Meet real combatants, 3-D scanned and displayed through your smartphone in augmented reality, using the latest ARKit technology. Hear testimonies from both sides of on-going conflicts and step into the community of The Enemy. 

Available on the App Store and on Google Play.
Co-production: Camera Lucida, ONF/NFB, France TV, Dpt. and Emissive
Experience Design, art direction and programmation: Dpt.