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    Rebranding of Beezee Bodies company.

BeezeeBodies is a weightmanagement scheme for 7-15 years olds.
Beezee Bodies provides a physical activity and healthy eating referralprogramme that has been designed to help change behaviour and encourage childrenand their carers to be more active and eat healthier and to have fun whilelosing weight.

                    BeezeeBodies requires effective, low cost design solution, which includes rebrandingof their current identity, redesigning the booklet provided by the organizationand the 16 weeks programme folder.
Logo was designed with attention to be easy recognizable, appealing to children in  the age group 7-15, yet still giving thecompany professional and trusty look.                  
As low cost design solution was created the BZB poster as a substitution of the information package, which was requested to be redesigned by BeeZee Bodies. This was designed in a form of the folding poster. The BZB poster contains three section, first for parents second for age group 7-11 years olds and third for 11- 15 age group.
Second side of the poster has two versions, one aimed at 7-11 age group and second version
aimed at 11- 15. 

Design of BeeZee Bodies webside including several characters, which would work as a guide through the webside.