Everything about Benadryl for dogs
Benadryl is a popular antihistamine which has been used by the dog owners to treat the different medical condition of their dog if to provide him relief from pain instantly. Benadryl is available over the counter at any drug store, grocery store and even the pharmacy. The drugs which are easily available on pharmacy or grocery stores are not considered dangerous but whether Benadryl is good for your dog and should you give it or not question. To help you with this, I bring this detailed article about Benadryl for the dog but first let see that what exactly is the Benadryl?
What is Benadryl for a dog?
Benadryl is the name of the brand that active ingredient is diphenhydramine. It is a drug which is known as to treat allergies in the dog which could be a runny nose to sneezing. There are also many other allergies and medical conditions too which can be treated with the help of this drug.
While this antihistamine is manufactured and sells by many other companies too but Benadryl is known as the most popular and instead of as brand, this product is known as a drug for the dogs. That's why whenever you asked for the antihistamine for yourthe pharmacist will provide you Benadryl.
Benefits of using Benadryl for dogs:
There are many reasons which make the dog owners use Benadryl. As mentioned above, mainly it is used to treat different allergies but other than this, Benadryl can also treat the dog's itchy skin, car sickness, irritation, irritated skin, nausea, anxiety, stuffy nose, bee stings pain, infections caused due to flea bites, fever and asthma etc. Basically, it does depend on that for which purpose the vet has suggested you to give Benadryl to your dog.
Defiantly, if you found any of above-mentioned condition in your dog, then you can give Benadryl to your dog but taking the suggestion from the vet before giving any drug to the animal is a great idea. So make sure that you use Benadryl after the advice of your dog.
Is Benadryl harmful to the dog?
The short and sweet answer is no because it is a harmless drug which means that if it does not provide any benefit to your dog, then it will not even harm your pet until you provide the over dosage of this drug to your dog. Other than this, there are some conditions when Benadryl should not be given to the dog until the vet has asked for this. This includes:
If your dog is already taking medications related to cold and sinus
If you have a puppy because they are small, sensitive and not fully developed
If your dog has diseases like glaucoma cardiovascular disease, prostatic disease, and hyperthyroidism etc.
If you are giving Benadryl in liquid form because it contains high content of alcohol
Also, if you the Benadryl contain the high amount of sodium then avoid giving Benadryl to your dog. Benadryl, which has been made for children contain a high amount of sodium. So, check the formula before you purchase one.