Maldives Marine Expo 2014
The Grandest Marine Festival in Maldives
Maldives Marine Expo was handed over to BLAK as a document that listed the scope of work
required for an exhibition to be held for marine-related businesses to showcase their products and services. The
branding, identity and the visual presentation of Maldives Marine Expo were compiled by the design and marketing team at BLAK.
The ideas initially started with sketches and drawing boards of how the activities and the facilities will be arranged at the exhibition.

The logo, the palette of colours and the typography, and also the intricate elements of graphic design styling, was combined in a way where Maldives Marine Expo reflects the corporate appearance combined with elements of seafaring vessels. 
Maldives Marine Expo 2014 was the debut show and was held in Hulhumalé City
as a complete outdoor exhibition, which still stands as the biggest outdoor setup for an exhibition to date.