The project brief was to create a series of at least 10 cards that introduced typographic concepts, using a theme of our choosing, and limited to non-gradient vector images only—no photography. I chose an off-list font, Huronia, because I had heard about how the type designer Ross Mills was including language support for many Native American languages, and I had wanted to work with it for awhile. When I contacted Mills to purchase the font he gave me some advice, mentioning that Inuktitut (the language spoken by Inuit, in the Arctic) had the most online resources available, and talking to me about what his inspiration for the design was. 

I chose a color scheme of pale grays and blues to reflect the tundra, with bright orange for contrast. I ended up creating twelve cards, using geometric designs, simple vector illustrations, and letterforms in a variety of patterns. My typography was limited to the different weights and styles of Huronia, and I varied the type using different colors, varying between dark gray and turquoise for body text, orange italic for headlines, and pale blue bold for the Inuktitut translation of the headlines.

As a container for my cardset, I designed and made the wooden box and wooden letters using a laser cutter. I chose the arrow shape of the cards because I thought it echoed the geometric shapes I used in my designs, especially for the snowflake, and added an interesting dynamic to the layouts.