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    Logo design at the age of 16-19.
Gravityis a hypothetical name of a house ware company found back in 1983, and waslocated in the UK, The company started as a small shop, and with time it grewup to be a widely known and successful house ware brand.

designed in 2009
Kalimatey (means in Arabic My words) is the name I chose for my Arabic literature blog where I publish my Arabic writings and creations, from Arabic calligraphy I've taken the idea of the logo to maintain an Arabic feeling while still writing the name of the blog in English, for more please visit http://kalimatey.blogspot.com

designed in 2010
Za'tarwa zeit is a restaurant dedicated to healthy, traditional meals served in amodern atmosphere, it promotes the importance of organic local fruits andvegetables. The restaurant is located on a hill viewing magnificent nature ofTulkarm, Palestine.

designed in 2010
Butterflies is the name of apatisserie shop specialized in healthy desserts and snacks, served in a comforting fun atmosphere, the place doesmany activates that aim to educate children and involve them in the fun process ofmaking colorful healthy treats.

designed in 2010
The Crown complexis a luxurious shopping center built in Tulkarm, Palestine, Offering worldclass garments and prestigious restaurants.

designed in 2010
Takat(Arabic: Energies) is a youth initiative dedicated to develop the local community with the thoughts and actions of youth in Al-Taybeh Ma'an -Jordan.

designed in 2011
The mobile science labs are after-school settings that aim to provide students aged 10-16 years with safe spaces, opportunities and tools to interact with and implement different scientific experiments and environment-focused activities that connect them with real life.

The focus on science and integration of environmental and conservation themes and ethics in communities will help inspire Jordan’s youth and may lead to enhanced interest in careers in the sciences and/or environment.