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    Corporate Identity for We creatives ©
This is the beginning of the Corporate Identity for 'We creatives'. A university project that led on to become a potential future business.
We are in the age of the apps! this simple app will allow clients to easily access and share files almost like a 'dropbox'. Each session will be viewable only by the client and the team at we creatives. All in all, a really simple way for us to send the client our designs in order for them to highlight any room for improvement and send feedback straight back to us.
The intended use for the mailer above is to be a package in which ideas and final pieces of work would be sent to clients. The window on the front of the box gives the illusion that the box is full of money, hence the quote 'our ideas make you money'.
This brochure was designed in a way that makes the reader feel like they are part of our team, our main aim is to make everyone from the workers to the clients feel like they have a special bond with us as business partners and friends.