Redesign the logo forGregory Grier Inc.

What is the objective/purpose:

To catch theaudience’s attention with a strong, interesting logo that is easilyrecognizable and draws them into learning more about the company.

Background Overview:

Gregory Grier is abusiness-to-business office solutions company based in North Carolina. Thecompany is currently trying to update its logo, brochure and website to make itmore interesting, informative and user friendly. In regards to the logo, theclient and account team are envisioning something that keeps the “G” in it oruses the company’s name, but has more detail and better conveys the company’svalues.

Brand tone/personality:

The brand has a verycomfortable, friendly feel that needs to be conveyed by the logo. The owners ofGregory Grier care about their relationships with their customers so the logo mustreflect this sense of dedication.

Target audience:

Gregory Grier’starget market is businesses that are in need of furniture, interior design, officemanagement, cleaning, storage or ergonomic services. They typically work withbanks, schools, offices, city and county government buildings, retail stores,hospitals and courthouses in the South. Many of these businesses are returningcustomers.