My part in this project
idea, development, design, copywriting

Estimated design time
24 hours (3 x 8 hours)

Estimated time to create idea and texts
8 hours

Clients vision/goal
The goal was to promote the brand and productswhich could higher they profit. Promote their selling products and also perfumeitself. Tell the customers that they are different, than the competition.

Target audience
Men and women in productive age

Our solution
We made a perfume generator which depends of userfragrance preferences and describes your personality. The user had to mixturethe scent composition. All fragrances are based from head notes, heart notesand base notes which make them different. The notes also differ in Evaporationtime. Upon selecting the right notes for the user, the generator filtered theright fragrance for his/her personality. Every result/perfume has a differentstory and also face of the perfume. These attributes should better promote andspread the app more viral.

Launched -  so check it now
To take part in the application the user had to like the Fan Page. To involve the user more we have showed them the prize for their in future activity. I have to keep to the clients CI which I was given.
After the application approval it will recognize from your profile whether you are a woman or a man. On this screen is the woman version. Both of these versions are the same except the color and text differences. To get more social feeling I have chosen the "slot machine style" selector which gave more like generator dimension.
The filtering takes some time. I made a lightbox with charming description which added another support for more generator like feeling.
Users often do not read. So after some experiences I have added a quick navigation for the main questions the user could have. What the user could win, day of the draw winners and  what are the main conditions. On this screen there is shown the main prize.
And the last but not least is the result screen. It tells the story about your personality. It also tells you who is the face of the perfume so you get the feeling you are the same person like the famous one. After generating the fragrance the app will automatically generate text and image to your wall which could gather more you friends to try it on their own. If you send a invitation at least to 10 of you friend you will get 10% discount in your next e-shop purchase.