The Brief: 
ASUS launched ZenPad with its differentiated product features at a competitive price. Within the product’s tagline of Luxury On Your Terms, help ASUS educate consumers about the product features and increase preference and consideration.

The Insights
To truly enjoy luxury, one must have refined taste and  a willingness to indulge. Cats are a perfect representation of the overly discerning consumer, one that is also known for being very selective. If we can please the cats, we can please anyone.   

The bonus, of course, is that the Internet loves cats.

The Solution:
A highly shareable and engaging hero video with accompanying social content that showcases the product features of ZenPad, with the ultimate purveyors of luxury, cats.

The Results:
The first YouTube and social video published by ASUS that surpassed a 2 million views mark. 
By the end of the campaign, the video has amassed a total of 7.5 million organic and paid views.


Client: ASUS
Agency: Zeno Singapore

Managing Director: Matt Collette
Executive Creative Director: Tony Pereira 
Art Directors: Tan Ze Jian & Wilson Foong 
Copywriter: Ker Wong & Sal
Client Servicing: Teo Sue Ann (Lead) & Matilda Goh

Video Production: Abundant productions