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    Producer of FS x EOA happening
Future Shorts partnered with Edge of Arabia in a unique collaboration bringing an exclusively curated programme of film to the ambitious #COMETOGETHER exhibition held in East London.

On 25th of October, Future Shorts hosted a special evening with live music, art and short films from the Middle East, including Two and Two, Skateistan, Paint The Way, Bedouin Sand, Cairo, Cafe Regular, and Tolya.

Edge of Arabia returned to London with #COMETOGETHER, a new exhibition showcasing the work of over 25 established and emerging Arab and Islamic artists. The exhibition explores the discord between the regions Islamic and historical heritage and its attempt to adapt to the shifting nature of technology and how it has transformed the platforms of expression.

Over 500 people gathered and joined us for a night of secret happenings. They were welcomed by a drummer Yuself Dayes and oud player Yazid Fentazi. An exclusive programme of film reflecting the spirit of the exhibition, its art and the region, were projected amongst the artworks followed by a live performance from Seeds of Creation, a seven-piece arabic and afro-blues influenced band.

Future Shorts is the world’s biggest pop-up film festival and uses the universal medium of film to connect people across language, culture and boundaries.
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FS trailer -
SC the battle of algiers -
Detour -
Two and Two -
Collision -
Do it again -
Cock Fight -
Paint the way -
Tolya -
Cairo, Cafe Regular -
Skateistan -
M.I.A Bad Girls -

Seeds of Creation -
Yuself (drummer)
Yazid (oud player)