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    Zlaté Stránky (Yellow Pages) logotype modernisation – taking an iconic brand from printed to online mediums.
The new logotype of Zlaté Stránky (Yellow Pages) is a reflection of the company’s shift from printed to interactive mediums. The icon was restyled to match the aesthetics of “web 2.0″ design and a “.cz” suffix was added to the brand name. The move towards internet is, furthermore, enhanced with secondary branding elements. The ‘drop-down’ menu and the triangular background give the brand a memorable visual identity through out all touch points. The project was prepared for ad agency Hullaballoo Prague.

Zlaté Stránky iPhone app splash page
The new Zlaté Stránky logotype on light background; with an English claim
The new Zlaté stránky logotype on corporate background; with a Czech claim
The comparison of the old and the new logotypes
An overlay of the old and the new logo (the new logo is shown as black outline)
Construction grid of the new Zlaté Stránky logotype
Usage of the new logotype on various backgrounds
Zlaté Stránky layout template for Avenir billboards
Zlaté Stránky layout template for citylight posters
Zlaté Stránky layout templates for brochure covers
Branding proposal for Zlaté Stránky vehicles
Final version of the Zlaté Stránky iPhone app