This was a project I did in college.
The brief was to take three films and re-package their screenplays.
The challenge was to keep a unifying brand through the covers. This was aproject I did in college.
Hypothetically these would be released as a series. I chose The TrumanShow, Inception and The Matrix as my three films; and the title of my serieswas 'what is real?'
Asall three films are about perception of reality, I chose to use the visualdevice of the optical illusion or op art. The drawings behind the patterns showhow the illusion of reality is used to hide something. In the Truman showthe eye is looking back at you as you look it. Just as the character Truman isbeing watched but this reality is hidden from him by illusion. In The Matrix itis the idea of a natural world that is constructed buy the illusion. Thereality is that earth is a barren wasteland. Inception is about keeping secretslocked up behind a veil of illusion or dream.
The Truman Show
The Matrix