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    Showreel 2012
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VR reel as Director and VFX Supervisor
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Music - Wax Tailor, Only Once
A bit about me

The reason why I am putting a little bit of my background in this page is that as time goes by, projects become out of date and forgoton about.
But some projects stay with you for a long time as they can change the course of your future. 

So I feel it is important not forget some of these

For me I fell into animation, kind of. I had previously studied Audio and Visual Production and specialised in Sound Design. But my first job was working for a pre school animation as an Edit Assistant where I ended up editing a 24 Episode Radio edit of the TV  Series, but this opened an opportunity at 'The Ebeling Group' Where I met a Director called Pete Circuitt.

Link - website and animation's BBC
Pete basically became my mentor and best bud. 
He realised I could model and do few things quite well in 3D, at that stage Editing was out the window. 
After working on a few commercials with him and a guy called Bill sneed, who now runs a studio called 'Yankee Peddler', we delivered a pitch for a 2 minute TVC.
Just at the moment we thought we had lost the job they came back and said they would like to make it into a feature.
For the next year and a half my life was to be Pete Circuitt's right hand man, through out this period my roles varied from partly editing the Animatic, layout and design, stacks of modelling and some character design's. Also working on a handfull of commercials

This was an incredibly exciting time for me and feel I learned a great deal and the film will be forever close to me. 
Not only that, a year later we created a xmas commercial for them.

Throughout my time at The Ebeling Group I also had the chance to work on the James Bond QOS Title Sequence with MK12 where we filmed all kinds of crazy stuff in Pinewood studios.
Although I had no part in the animation stage I was there for the full 5 days of shooting getting plates and secondary effects from the Art department to send back to MK12 studio for them to work there magic.

This started a new love for live action intergrated with CG, and ever since I have been pushing for my personal work to start moving in this direction. Slow it may be, but I move forwards inch by inch into developing my portfolio.

Some of my print work demonstrates this more than my moving.
I invested in a load of equipment so that I can take all the necessary data, HDRI's and references for the 3d guys to use for successfully intergrating photoreal elements to any plate.
In the last couple of years I have had the privilege of working at Nexus productions, and have specialised in lighting, look development and modelling.
I have worked with fair few Directors on over ten projects at Nexus Productions. There are so many great people that contribute to these weird and wonderful projects and I have enjoyed working on every one.
My last project was as a Lead for an Audi commercial that had incredible restrictions with time. I feel very proud of working on it and see it as my turning stone in life and look forward to what happens next.