– A Design Tour of Munich
In September 2017, the Walk of Happiness comes to the most northern city of Italy − Munich! The tour takes place in the heart of the city.
The WALK OF HAPPNIESS wants to spread happiness and positivity! It invites you to explore Munich from a new point of view, to discover the city by foot, seeking out the hidden window display letterings, designed with love, and maybe take some HAPPINESS home with you.
10 hand-letterings with positive, life-affirming slogans are placed in 10 shop window displays − from fashion, interior design, graphic design, photography, coworking spaces, gastronomy venues ...
The Walk of Happiness is placed in Munich until end of September.
Visit the project website:
The Walk of Happiness is a project I developed during my Adobe Creative Residency with the amazing support of Adobe. 
Pictures by me & Berti Kolbow-Lehradt