My Xenomorphs
I like working with Xenomorphs, but I wouldn’t want to have one as a pet.
  Xenomorphs are just not good around the house. Sure, they grow fast and you don’t have to feed them. But even a domesticated Xenomorph (if that’s even possible) can be a lot of trouble.
  For one thing, they bleed acid. Say one accidentally breaks a tentacle; you end up with a big, stinky, acid-burned mess. And they tend to be most disagreeable with other living creatures, regardless of species or genres.
That’s why I prefer Xenomorphs from Neca. They can be difficult to pose, and they sometimes tip over with the slightest breeze, but they’re good actors and tend to look striking on screen (or on a computer tower).
ABOVE: Weyland-Yutani Commandos vs. Black Warrior Xenomorphs
BELOW: Colonial Marines join the fight
ABOVE: Colonial Marines battle Xenomorphs in San Francisco
BELOW: Ellen Ripley faces off against the dreaded Red Xenomorph
BELOW: Visiting Predator faces off against Red and  Albino Xenomorphs