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    Facebook game for Lenovo Ultrabook.
Facebook game for Lenovo Ultrabook.
For the launch of the new Ultrabook by Lenovo, I wrote copy for a social game contest on Facebook, called "The Game of Do." This was in collaboration with a new campaign for the Ultrabook, which used the tagline "The Book of Do."

By answering time-based challenges (including multiple-choice questions, unscrambling puzzles, scavenger hunts, and video challenges), users had a chance to win a new Ultrabook, as well as acquire badges (and bragging rights). To make the game "sticky," a new challenge was revealed every day for 25 days. A leaderboard feature allowed users to keep track of their progress, and see how their score ranked against other players.
The entry point of the game on Facebook.
The game was deployed in 20 markets across the globe.
Had to get the required registration info. out of the way.
An example of the multiple choice questions.
Points and badges were awarded for correct answers, as well as for how fast the questions were answered.
Users had the opportunity to post the game to their wall and share it with their friends.