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    Original custom made mosaic monograms using metallic, pearlescent, iridescent and shimmer tiles with stained glass and textured color mirror.
 Hand-cut Mosaic Letters on wood with stained glass, metallic, pearlescent, glitter and iridescent tiles. Letters are custom made, so no two are alike. Choose color, style and I will create a beautiful mosaic monogram - no two are exactly alike. Custom Order.
Hand cut and custom painted grouts. Mosaic Letters wall mountable using stained glass, pearlescent, iridescent , glitter and/or metallic tiles created with your own preferred colors.
detail of "J" sample, using metallic foil tiles, shimmer tiles, textured mirror glass, stained glass, pearlescent tiles in  hand-colored grouts.
"A" and "C" created for a couple's wedding using their wedding colors. Hand-colored grouts - metallic foil tiles, pearlescent and iridescent tiles all hand-cut on hand painted wood wall mountable base
detail of "A"
"A" Initial - fuschia and peridot
Matching "C" Inital
6" San Serif "A" - confetti mosaic style using metallic, pearlescent and textured mirror glass. Hand painted. Wall mountable MDF wood base. Custom order. No two exactly alike, but each one is made with the upmost care and attention, creating a memorable mosaic.
" M" wall mountable or freestanding 6" x 6" MDF hand painted base. Custom order. Each letter is originally made, so no two will be alike - can request a similar style - each will be beautifully created.
"M" using "rail road" or brick pattern. Metallic, iridescent, pearlescent glass tiles with textured colored mirror.