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    This project depicts the quality of illustrative skill I have. These character are all original and from various projects, ideas, and challenges … Read More
    This project depicts the quality of illustrative skill I have. These character are all original and from various projects, ideas, and challenges I've made for myself. This showcases some the originality, creativity, logic, and depth of my creative work. Read Less
My Sketchbook
Creative creations for an inpsired intellect
The following are various characters and creatures I made up for the various comicbook ideas I've come up with. While my style is currently that of the famous Anime and Manga craze that's sweeping the entertainment world right now. It is really about thinking out-side-the-box with my artwork and differently than everyone else. Wether it's making a comic-book with a message or personifying an everyday object, I try to keep my mind fresh on perspective and drawing something new.
Character drawn by -Ivan Delgado
Coloring, folding details, and inner pupil done by -Shana Machado 
This girl was drawn actually for a friend of mine who was in Texas at the time. We had  talked over the phone and I was getting a bit smitten with her and  since she was having trouble with money for schooling, I decided that the least i could do is send her the schooling supplies she needed for her semester. Along with this drawing which I drew for her. While I do think that It's a great picture I must admit I was not the one to color it nor add the great details to the clothing. I know in Graphic Design It's not good to admit things like that but I believe telling the truth trumps personal gain so I'll just face up to it now. Like i said while I did indeed draw it it was my friend shana machado that added in the folding details and color. not to mention the inner part of the pupils which I hadn't put in yet. So really this is more of a collaboration than a solo project here.

 So as this piece is in the only one in this project folder that is so I'll give credit to her now In case i won't be able to later. 


Character designs drawn by -Ivan Delgado
This here is 2 versions of one of the Creatures shown in my upcoming comicbook project code-named See "The Man Character for more information on the book.) It's kind of a evolution of the character, design wise of course. The 1st one, which is the one above, is more a muscular intimidating type creature. with a wicked mouth and extremely muscular physique, he's the kind of creature you don't want to be in the same cave with. He is indeed creepy 

Similarly, the one below, was also created with that sense in mind but much more stream lined and agile. he is what I call the "ninja predator" version of the character and might be the finalized design for it. It's skull structure obviously is quite different than a bat. reason being because I was toying with the Idea of his head being sort of like a resonating chamber, he can shoot focused narrow soundwaves from his slits of a nose, which will give him an idea of how far he is from his target, or he can open his mouth predator style to produce a widespread screech which will give him an idea of what the environment around him will look like (on top of annoying anyone within earshot.) While it seems like he has 2 ears on the outside it is actually merges into one inside his head where a very sensitive eardumb lies inside a second resonating chamber. The sound bounce around the chamber continually hitting the eardrum giving him an idea of his surrounding and the length between him and his target in detail. As you can obviously see I was extremely interested in the logic behind this character.


Character drawn by-Ivan Delgado
 This gentleman is the main character of my upcoming comicbook, codenamed



     As unique as it is Ironic, this creature, while still my original creation, was inspired by the game
This picture is really a character sketch of the following one. As you can see I tried to create a theme with this character. That day i had challenged myself to take an everyday object and personify it, in this case a power plug. The coil like nature of it's arms and legs are like that of power plug coils (with an admitted inspiration from a certain USB i found as well). There are several references to plugs and outlets that  adorn the character everywhere, from his plug like helmet and scarf, to his outlet like abdomen and nose. Even his hands are in the shape of the object. The part of him that is non-plug like like is actually his tail which look  quite similar to that of a rabbit's. That's because as I was designing the character I had thought It would be fun if he was a hare,.