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    We design the future of Gramos de conciencia
Gramos de conciencia
non-profit organization


Gramos de conciencia (the strict translation of the name of the brand is Grams of Consciences but it refers to the matter that with the help of everyone something great can be created or built. The translation could be The weight of help, as analogy of value.) it's an initiative that try to change peoples mind by sharing object-mission with a positive message. This is a non-profit organization than spread the word to change the lives of disadvantaged people with a happier environment. With a colorful design system with different messages to friends, creative, ideas, words, and people that transform lives. When you give one of this object-mission you are sharing a positive message and at the same time you help people. All the profits are donated to disadvantaged people. The spirit of this project is to change people minds, to share a better world.

The “Gr” is the abbreviation for the word gramos. The period (point) representseach gram and how a gram can tip the balance in favour of a positive cause, ofan initiative. The different colours represent the diversity of each person, ofeach idea translating in message architecture.

The understanding and aspiration towards Happiness, whichis achieved by responsibility, moderate materialism, self-realization andspiritual pursuit

HyperBrand worked in collaboration with:
· Designer Rodrigo Fernández - Founder of the organization and designer of the logo.
· Photographer David Chavolla.