Travel To A Different Country
Travel To a Different Country 
Learn a craft from that country and try it 
back home. 
This is a poster I made for my project, 

I have to say I am very happy with what I have 
come up with for this outcome.

The technique I used was marbling and 
paper craft. Marbling, Ebru is a technique which 
started in Persia in the 1400s. 

My technique of marbling is a variation of the 
actual marbling.

I used fluorescent paints and as I marbled 
the paper, I am reminded of Japan because of 
the colors reminded me of the softness of Japan 
and yet the crazy culture of Japan. Japan is also 
another country that practices marbling but the 
method also differs from the Persia's Marbling
known as Ebru.

I was inspired by my travel in Japan years ago. 
Besides its culture, I love the scenery in Japan. 
I loved the mountains and the nature and hence 
I decided to do a poster of my feelings I had 
when I traveled to Hokkaido , Japan.
Marbling Combs I made. These are made to create textures while marbling.
The results from my first-hand marbling. It looks really happy! The process was very fun and I am very happy with the results!
Here is the outcome.
I had to cut out all the pieces that my hand was numb after the all the cutting but I think it was worth it!

Travel To A Different Country

Travel To A Different Country

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