Data visualisation is the graphical display of abstract information.
The same dataset can be shown in different ways based on the purpose, the context and 
the message which is behind the data visualisation.
An infopoetry  is a form of data-art based on visual metaphors which main objective is to allow new images 
to emerge that are not committed to the precision of data 
but that tell a story and provide a quick overview of the phenomenon.

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death all over the world.
In Italy smoking cause the death of c.a 83.000 people every year.
Nowdays, thanks to social advertising, everybody knows that smoking is dangerous in so many ways but even though over the 24% 
of the Italian population smokes.
Smoking is a daily routine which is very difficult to quantify visually over a long period, as a year can be; at the same time it is equally 
hard to realize the damage that every single cigarette can cause to an habitual smoker and how much smoke can affect 
the life expectation.
This  visualization shows the average annual cigarette consumption per adult italian smoker and the resulting loss of life, based 
on Istat research.