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    graphic design magazine focussing on health and beauty
novum 10.17 »health & beauty«

This month our novum+ section focuses on the very broad field of health and beauty from a number of angles. We have a wide range of examples for you, including a visual identity for a clinic and sophisticated packaging for luxury cosmetics. Along the way we explore the graphic design history of the Geigy brand for which over the years many a well known designer has worked, and a feature about Eva Wünsch and Luisa Stömer, whose book »Ebbe und Blut« (Ebb and [menstrual] Flow) has received much attention.

High-end cosmetics and medical products are generally marketed with a clear, clean look. So, for October´s cover of novum we have chosen a material that is very lively, but still communicates the elegance of pure white. As such it is an ideal component in the visual design of health and beauty products. Combined with haptic elements, this clean aesthetic moves to a new level of subtlety.
We were able to capture all these qualities with Keaykolour. The entire collection contains papers made of recycled pulp, conforming to FSC regulations, in weights of 90 to 450 gsm. One member of this product family is card-quality (300 gsm) “Keaykolour Geprägt” available from Antalis in the variants Hammer blow, Horizon, Leather, Cedar and Linear. We chose linear embossed 300 gsm card quality in snow white which produces a sophisticated play of light and shade and feels almost velvety to the touch.
For the high-end graphic design, we have Studio Grau of Berlin to thank – a multiple-award-winning team of designers who we featured in novum 07.17. We were very pleased that they agreed to visualise this theme for us: The delicate, metallic shades of pastel give eye-shadow like emphasis to the motif. Special colours (Pantone 8361 and 488) were the answer for such a subtle, elegant solution. The perfect way to “make up” the cover for an issue about health and beauty, we thought!


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Cover design 

Keaykolour snow white, Antalis, in 300 gsm by 

Offset printing (inside pages)

Tobias Holzmann, www.tobiasholzmann.de