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IPTV Redesign
IPTV Redesign
UX/UI Redesign of IPTV Service for one of the leading European Telco Operator.
We were responsible for UX & UI of new IPTV Operating System. Including prototyping, testing a and development support.
Creative Director: Lukáš Pitter
UX, UI Design: Jarin Němeček, Lukáš Pitter
Prototyping: Jarin Němeček, Lukáš Pitter
Animations: Martin Pavlica, Jarin Němeček
User Testing: Terezia Tůmová, Jarin Němeček, Lukáš Pitter
AM, PM: Milan Hrubý
We've developed a whole UI System.
From UX, User Testing to the UI Kit and Design Manual.
We've been using SketchAxure and Flirc.tv for our Prototype.
Framer for final tuning.

And it just feels like a real TV.
We've done a lot of prototyping work.
More than 15 iterations and about 30 qualitative tests.

Listen to the people
and let them design the product.

We spent about a year on this project.
And we've learned a lot.

Get close to the stakeholders.
Listen to the people.
Ego is the enemy.
Don't reinvent the wheel.
Take care about your developers.

IPTV Redesign

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IPTV Redesign