Wrap Bench

Wrap bench is a cushioned bench that bridges the gap between the office environment and communal lounge areas. As millennials grow into the work force, they are faced with an outdated office environment. I designed Wrap bench in search of a way to refresh the current paradigm. 
Communally Private

I was inspired by how different seating orientations when sitting next to someone can subtly create privacy. This notion inspired the overall form language of the Wrap bench.
Hard & Soft

Wrap bench is constructed with a bent sheet metal and metal tube that is not only easy to produce, cost effective, but also offers strong and sturdy structure that last long. On the contrary, plush fabric cushions are soft and welcoming you to stay and have a quick break. 
Made to fit to your office

In order to accommodate different needs in office space, middle area offers different units that can be installed. First option is a built-in outlet to charge your electronics with storage to hold items like post-it notes and pens. Another unit is magazine rack with mini table for coffee break. However without any additional units, middle area can still simply used as a side table for drinks and other belongings. The small cushion in the middle is for your lap, so you can rest your laptop or tablet comfortably.