October 20th of 2012 marks a very special day for a beautiful couple celebrating their marriage. A private luncheon was held in the day, welcoming both family members and close friends, followed by a wedding dinner at night.

We were asked to create an identity in conjunction of this once in a lifetime occasion. Wedding invitation for the luncheon and dinner were made alongside a custom made envelope with the identity embossed onto it using a special made emboss seal. 
The logo is made up of the couple's initials, CO (Chee Onn) & DM (Debbie Mui). A popular Mandarin word 'Xi', which means happiness, in the center of the logo to symbolize joy when both are together. The letters C, O, D and M are placed in a grid format, supporting one another while providing a symmetrical balance in their life as they embark on a new journey as a married couple.

Other brand visuals like the pair of doves were illustrated to symbolize love between the couple and peonies 
were created to further enhance the identity. Colours used are fuchsia, white, gold and ivory.