RDC Férias

RDC is a Travel Club, a way of helping people plan their holidays better and, as a result, make unforgettable experiences reachable for more people.
We conceived this film from concept to animation with a dreamlike quality to convey a feeling of good memories, which is what remains out of perfect vacations. We sure cherish good memories of this project. Hopefully you remember it too as a good reference.

Brand: RDC
Client: João Biancardi, Pedro Scrivano
Direction: Jannerson Xavier
Screenplay: Jannerson Xavier
Illustration: Victor Tchaba, Daniel Kano, Amália Lage
Motion: Jannerson Xavier, Amália Lage
Sound Design: Jacarandá
Voice Over: Betina Belli - Loc On Demand
Project Manager: Marcelo Moreno