Rancho is a small winery based in Forqueta, Caxias do Sul district known for its historical features reminiscent of theย immigration - the old houses, the centennial churches, the cuisine and the traditions.

The Challenge was to create graphic pieces for a small local productย that differed in an environmentย where the wine culture is intrinsic. The identity should translate the quality and care in preparationย that the brand's wines have without fall in the ordinary of the segment.

The solutionย came in choice of techniques, mainly. We developedย illustrations that rely on theย humorous tonic, at the same time that we bring a huge depth of details. The earthy and golden tones that the label carries create a sophisticated and intimate universe for the product. The signature of the brand brings organic flourishes of the traditional calligraphy, and in its format of seal it helps the work to fulfill with its objective to begin an experience already at the point of sale.

"O Vinhoย Rancho nasceu na fazenda de uma tradicional famรญlia da regiรฃo da Forqueta e era exclusivoย para celebraรงรตes especiais. Aos poucos, ganhou reconhecimento e chegou aos pequenos comรฉrcios da Regiรฃo Uva e Vinho. As caracterรญsticas frutadas, dando maior destaque para o sabor da uva, agradam os mais diversos paladares. Inspire-se e viva os sabores do Rancho."

LIBRE. Branding & Design โ€“ Porto Alegre, RS
HELLO@ESTUDIOLIBRE.COM.BR / +55 51 3072 3001

Design team:ย Gianlucca Segato, Glaiton Tatsch, Mariana Sartori
Illustration: Mariana Sartori โ€ข Copywriter and Planner: Letรญcia Dallegrave

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Rancho Winery