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    Webster is an animated typeface for Adobe After Effects. Available at Animography.net
About the Typeface.
Webster is an extensive animated typeface with a nerdy look. 
It comes with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation and special characters. All together it counts over a 150 glyphs. With 13 customizable features, you can create over a gazillion looks. That's right, over a gazillion! Due to the massive amount of layers and expressions it can be a little slow to render, but that's small price for good looks!

About Animography.
Animography is a type-foundry that specialises in animated typefaces. These animated typefaces comes as Adobe After Effects files. They are easy to use, customizable and scalable without any loss of quality.

Jeroen Krielaars - calango.nl 

Lite Version. 
Webster Lite is a trimmed down version of Webster. It features all of the functionalities of it's big brother, but it got rid of the faces. This makes it cheaper and faster to render. 

Customizable Features. 
- scatter amount 
- wiggle amount 
- dot size 
- dot roundness 
- dot color 
- line thickness 
- line color 
- line trimming 
- 4 face colors 
- face opacity 
- face wipe 
- face wipe feather
- face wipe angle
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